Innovation and Business Driven Outcomes

Software Developments

virtuester is not a unmatured Software Development group. Rather, a collection of experts who can understand client's pain areas and device a solution without the boundaries of technologies. virtuester's techies pick a technology which is most suitable for the solution to answer to the business needs. virtuester doesn't restrict the solutions to be in Java/J2EE/.NET, it collaborates with its clients, presents the best solution and with the mutual consents, proceeds forward to deliver with expected quality.

Web Solutions

Clients look at virtuester for Web Design and Development because of the fact that virtuester has that substance to make Web Solutions to be responsive. It doesn't matter if device is a large computer or small smart phones or tablets on any platform, be it iOS or Android or Windows etc. virtuester takes the advantage of its rich experience and deliver not just to meet client's expectations but to beat them.

Mobile Applications

virtuester is known for design and development for Smart devices on iOS, Android and Windows platform. virtuester's client looked at virtuester for smart solutions to make their client's life easy by providing smart solutions on their smart devices. This helped everyone to become smart and not tied up to their PCs or laptops. Nevertheless the same solution will also work on PCs/laptops to give additional flexibility without any feel of any differences.

Oracle Database Services

virtuester has been providing best-in-class onsite and remote DBA services for Oracle immensely. Our staff consists of certified Oracle professionals capable of managing the most sophisticated database architectures. We can provide the right consultant for all of your DBA requirements.

Oracle ERP Consulting

virtuester can offer the most comprehensive suite of global business applications offering an Integrated Business Portfolio that helps you monitor both financial and operational aspects of all lines of your business and achieve efficiency. We have a strong team of technical consultants working on Oracle Applications & Tools. Our technical consultants carry out CNC tasks such as applying ESU/ASU/Service packs as well as more complex tasks such as upgrade planning, technical architecture design, technical audits and technical workshops.


Our architecture, engineering, consulting, and application development spans a wide range of capabilities in Big Data, IIoT/IoT, and AI/ML including real time streaming, cloud and dev/ops, industrial control systems, platform services, container orchestration, data and source system integration, and data discovery & exploration, end-to-end analytics, self-service ML, and BI.